TCT 43: Restoration (ft. Patrick Dulebohn)

The Cavern Today is back with its first podcast in nearly a decade! For our Summer 2022 edition, we are pleased to bring you:

  • Cavern News with Alhon and Narym
  • Skit
  • TCT Talk with Bert, Dalken, J’nathus and Maurus:
    • Our interview with Patrick “Doobes” Dulebohn
    • What has surprised us the most about the state of Uru in 2022?
    • Myst VR
    • Speculation about the future of Myst and Uru
  • Mowog’s Thought for the Pod
  • A tribute to Jeff Wise, and a reprise of his musical piece “Kerath’s Arch”
  • Sh’aeri’s “That’s Just Me of Course”

This podcast is dedicated to TCT staffer Jeff Wise and Frank “Stungthumbz” Whiting, who both passed away in 2020 – though you have linked to the perfect age, you’ll always be in our hearts.

Starting with this episode, we have adjusted episode numbering to more accurately reflect the number of prior episodes of The Cavern Today. As this is the 43rd mainline release of “The Cavern Today,” this is now considered episode 43.

Background music featured in this podcast by LCC and Tim Larkin.

Additional Links:
Guild of Messengers Event Calendar
Ages of Doobes
Guild of Writers
H’uru/OpenUru Github (to report bugs and file requests)
Korman tutorials
OpenUru (Foundry and link to discord)

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3 comments on “TCT 43: Restoration (ft. Patrick Dulebohn)”

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  3. Szark on August 14th, 2022 at 6:33 am commented:

    All I can say is that was a very emotional ride for many reasons. There was laughter, interesting information and tears for lost ones on both our ends. I hope you are all well, apart from Sh’aeri’s arthritis. (Low carb and sugar diet should help with that, it does me.

    I look forward to the next one. Like putting on a comfy pair of slippers

    Thank you

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