TCT 47: Myst 30th Anniversary Special (ft. Rand & Robyn Miller)

30 years of Myst – and 20 years of Uru! The Cavern Today is proud to present a very special celebratory episode for our Autumn 2023 edition, featuring:

  • Cavern News with Alhon
  • Ankhangel Op-Ed
  • Skit
  • TCT Talk with Alhon, Ankhangel, Dalken, Esto, Maurus & Sh’aeri, featuring our interview with very special guests Rand & Robyn Miller
  • Musical Piece: “Sara’Aou (Shores Of Naybree)” by Maurus
  • The premiere of Deep Dive with Esto Centura
  • Mysterium Retrospective with Dalken Starbyne
  • TCT Mad Lib

Background music featured in this episode courtesy LCC, Tim Larkin, Robyn Miller and Jack Wall.

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4 comments on “TCT 47: Myst 30th Anniversary Special (ft. Rand & Robyn Miller)”

  1. The Cavern Today 47: Myst 30th Anniversary Special (ft. Rand & Robyn Miller) – The Guild of Messengers on November 11th, 2023 at 10:18 am commented:

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  2. Maurus on November 11th, 2023 at 3:31 pm commented:

    An astute listener has pointed out to us that the “Sunblind” clips referenced in our interview were from a puzzle escape room game from Mysterium 2019 that Rand recorded for. Mystery solved! ^^’

  3. Tyion on November 11th, 2023 at 4:53 pm commented:

    Great episode guys! A+++ bravo! 😀

  4. Esther Smith on November 14th, 2023 at 5:50 pm commented:

    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. Great job everyone! I used to make recordings like this as a teen many years ago. Always have been a huge fan of MYST. Grew up with the games too. Played the first game in 1993 at 10 years old with my brother and Mom who got it for Christmas and was hooked to the lore, world, secret doors, exploration and music ever since. Rand Miller is my hero. Remembered the day we first saw Atrus at the end and new more was to come. It wasn’t over. Then Riven showed up, then MYST 3, URU, MYST 4 and Myst 5. Now URU has more worlds. MYST has shaped the artist in me growing up and has been a good teacher in my life and I also see Atrus that way as well in a way in some of his messages that resonate with life, the journey and finding where you belong. It’s also a blessing to just escape to others worlds, my real home when I need too in difficult times or to just get a break or meet new friends. I really enjoyed listening to his funny version of that message Atrus says in your podcast. Cracked me up. I know Dulcamara as one of my friends on facebook who’s MYST journey is very similar to mine. It was good to hear her too. I know I’m not alone.
    (smiling) Enjoyed the library skit as well. Great work everyone! It was a real treat to hear.


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