TCT 48: In Review

Happy Easter! For our Spring 2024 edition, we bring you:

  • TCT Talk with Ankhangel, Dalken Starbyne, Esto Centura, Maurus, and Sh’aeri, covering Riven news & hype as well as a TCT year-in-review
  • Chapter II of Deep Dive with Esto Centura, exploring the Preafter era
  • Sh’aeri’s That’s Just Me Of Course, reflecting on 20 years in D’ni
  • Musical Piece: “Rowena Forest” by Sasha Strange
  • A Riven Sound Effect Mystery?

Additional show notes:

  • Note that our TCT Talk was recorded prior to the subtitle “New Discoveries of the Lost D’ni Empire” being removed from the promotional material for the Riven remake – this appears to no longer be part of the title.
  • Our deepest apologies to the Video Game History Foundation for butchering the name of your organization multiple times – You guys are doing very important work helping to preserve art in a medium that often makes preservation very difficult!

Background music featured in this episode courtesy LCC, Robyn Miller & Tim Larkin.

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2 comments on “TCT 48: In Review”

  1. Tyion Feihr on March 31st, 2024 at 1:59 pm commented:

    Ah Prologue lag… Sheri, I am right there with you. The memory of slowly lagging up the doc stairs hunting for markers is forever ingrained into my brain! lol

  2. TCT 48: In Review – The Guild of Messengers on April 1st, 2024 at 1:37 am commented:

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