TCT 46.5: Cyan Visit 2023

After visiting Cyan HQ as part of Mysterium 2023, we decided to record an impromptu addendum to Podcast 46, giving our immediate reactions to our experiences there. We set out intending to record about 10 minutes of audio we could append to the end of Podcast 46… and then went on recording for almost an hour. So instead, we are releasing this audio as a bonus episode. We hope you enjoy our impromptu deep dive into our visit to Cyan HQ!

Please note this was hastily recorded in a hotel room after our Cyan visit, so the audio quality of this bonus episode is not to our usual standard. That being said, we hope you will bear with us, and enjoy our take on our visit to Cyan!

Note: This episode contains minor spoilers for Riven – if you have not played the original game, listen at your own risk!

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    […] The Cavern Today podcast recorded a live episode at Mysterium, plus a bonus episode detailing their visit to Cyan the day […]

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