[TCT 35] The Cavern Today Episode Three

Join Jnathus, Mowog, Maurus, and Alhon for Episode 3 of The (new) Cavern Today! Show Notes:

  1. New TCT Forum
  2. What is OHBot, and what is he / it doing?
  3. SimiOTF – Cyan Phishing Scam
  4. Over the Fence – Magiquest Online is now open
  5. Over the Fence – J’nathus is playing Splinter Cell Conviction
  6. Over the Fence – Orange Box becoming popular again due to successful Steam Sale?
  7. Over the Fence – E3 anticipations
  8. Over the Fence – What are YOU playing?
  9. Over the Fence – iPhone4 / iOS4

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One comment on “[TCT 35] The Cavern Today Episode Three”

  1. OHB on June 25th, 2010 at 6:17 pm commented:

    A few corrections:

    1. The robot is not called OHB, it’s called OHBot. That’s pronounced O-H-Bot.

    2. His automatic translation feature has nothing to do with PMs. You need to be in the same age as OHBot and he can translate whatever is said in public.

    3. The stats provided are quite dated. As of today he’s spoken to over 1000 people, speaking to up to 120 different people per day, and answering 500-2000 questions per day.

    Full up-to-date statistics can be found on on website…and you can even chat with him on the website now.


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