TCT 45: Live from the Cavern

For our Spring 2023 edition, we’re excited to bring you something a little different this time: our first LIVE episode, recorded live in The Cavern Today’s Hood in D’ni on May 5, 2023. Due to the “live” nature of this recording, the format for this episode will be a little different; a bit more like the streamlined talk-only format of Over the Fence.

Join Maurus, Esto, Dalken, Bert and Sh’aeri, as we discuss:

  • Cyan’s new Firmament Trailer
  • Thoughts on the MOULa Q1 Update
  • State of the Cavern
  • TCT is coming to Mysterium 2023!

Background music featured in this episode courtesy LCC.


4 comments on “TCT 45: Live from the Cavern”

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  2. Tyion on May 6th, 2023 at 5:25 pm commented:

    Great stream guys! Was a delight listening. I wish I could’ve been there LIVE! alas, surface work doth took priority! Also, awesome to hear you’ll be at MYSTERIUM! I will be there as well! So we will have to take a photo! Especially with you Ms. Sha’eri! That cone hat will be epic! 😀


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