New Project: Over the Fence

Shorah, explorers.

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a lot of action from our front, it’s mostly because the crew behind TCT has been committing themselves to a new podcasting project called Over the Fence.

Over the Fence is a new podcast named and designed after the short-lived TCT miniseries called The Cavern Today: Over the Fence, and covers topics in the gaming, entertainment, and technology world, with a focus on the mindset of an adventure gamer.

If you like The Cavern Today, you’re sure to like this production as well, so come check us out at our new website:!

Over the Fence: Episode 5

  • Myst Movie finds a Production Partner?
  • Australia asks its people about whether they want an R18+ classification
  • TOR pushed to 2011
  • Star Trek Online coming soon
  • Video Games Live coming to TV, PBS, DVD and Blu-Ray in 2010.
  • Games we’re looking forward to…
  • Avatar: Technological importance.

Over the Fence: Episode 4

Over the Fence: Episode 3

  • Unreal Engine 3 now freely available
  • Secret Anti-Piracy Treaty Turns ISPs into Pirates
  • Online Retailers boycotting Modern Warfare 2
  • PC Modern Warfare 2’s – It’s much worse than you thought
  • PC Piracy
  • Valve Exec Explains How To Compete With Piracy
  • Cliffy B loves Borderlands
  • Borderlands: best week one sales of any fresh IP in 2009
  • Aussie game banner: Real-life issues more important
  • What are you looking forward to now?
  • Nintendo releasing even bigger DSi LL in Japan

Over the Fence: Episode 2

Over the Fence: Episode 1