Extra News Flash, May 22 2007

A second death in the cavern!

Extra News Flash, May 21 2007

Tragedy in the Cavern! One dead and one still trapped after collapse.

Extra News Flash, May 20 2007

Emergency in the cavern; Wheely lost, and Ae’gura Closed!!!

Extra Evening News, May 19 2007

TCT Extra Evening News presented by Stevecrox as he brings you upto date on the cavern. Scars Day 2, a dangerous crack!

Extra OOC Report, May 4 2007

Alhon gives an update about the future of Uru Live.

Extra News Flash, May 2 2007

Montgomery gives an update on the odd behavior & disappearance of Vid.

Extra Evening News, May 1 2007

Day 3 of the “Vid saga.”

Extra News Flash, Apr 29 2007

Dalken Starbyne reports on the disappearance of TCT staffer Vid.

Extra News Flash, Apr 19 2007

Stevecrox reports on the latest age release.

Extra Evening News, Apr 10 2007

A new home, a new name, a shocking revelation about the latest ages, and a call for help.