Podcast 29: Where the Deceived Come to Explore

The Archiver Issue Eight

Archiver 8

Extra Evening News, Aug 2 2007

The 3rd Day of Familar Voices

Extra Evening News, Jul 31 2007

Bahro in the city and the new neighborhood Kirel – Vid gives us the latest.

Extra Evening News, Jul 30 2007

Vid brings us up to date with news of Cate, Douglas and Victor and just what they have been up to.

The Archiver Issue Seven

Archiver 7

Podcast 28: Listening to Familiar Voices

Extra Evening News, Jun 26 2007

In today’s update Alhon tells us about the latest in the cavern including a possible new guild system.

Extra Evening News, Jun 25 2007

A gathering of power, more tension from within the DRC ranks, and a mission of vengeance.

Extra Special Report, Jun 24 2007: Great Zero Activation LIVE

Vid’s live coverage of the Great Zero activation.