Podcast 31: Our Gift


Podcast 30: Ending Exodus

Extra Evening News, Nov 6 2007

The Exodus reaches biblical proportions, the bahro activity rises, and the Grower finally returns to D’ni!

Extra Evening News, Nov 3 2007

More breaking news concerning the Bahro and the DRC!

Extra Evening News, Nov 2 2007

New Age announcement and a shake up with the DRC!

Extra Special Report, Oct 31 2007: Uru The Story so Far

TCT rounds out the season with a tour of the happenings in Uru to date.

Extra News Flash, Oct 26 2007: Cyan and GameTap Release Uru Demo

Alhon gives us the latest news on the Cyan front with Cyan releasing a Demo for Uru! We will review the demo in the next cast.

The Archiver Issue Nine

Archiver 9

Extra Evening News, Sep 11 2007

Nayrm brings us upto date with the recent events in the cavern, from Phil’s talk about colours and the Guilds

Extra Evening News, Sep 10 2007

Guilds, Cate, Kirel, Victor, Lake, Bahro.