Shortwave, Dec 31 2005

New host Alhon covers the upcoming New Year’s party, a DRC update and more.

Podcast 7: A Cavern Christmas Carol

The Cavern Players present “A Cavern Christmas Carol,” adapted for the Cavern by Ruby O’Degee and Mowog.

Podcast 6: The Common Thread

Eric L from Uru Tapestry

Journey of the Called
Another brand new episode!

and much more!


Podcast 5: Past, Present, Future

Comedy: Dr. Bora the Radio Therapist
Journey of the Called: 3 encores and 1 brand new episode
Interview: Cyanist Ryan Miller
Mateus: Baby I have Lied (Brand new song)
Special News Features: Myst and Age Creation
Book Feature: Atrus Review by Tyion

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Podcast 4: The Halloween Special

And it’s here! The fourth podcast features a spine chilling encounter between Mr. Polt, Millicuddy, and our favourite Mr Tyion. Also the usuals! Download, Listen, Enjoy!

Podcast 3: The D’Olympics Special Edition

The episode we have all been waiting for – Podcast Three is finally here. Featuring wonderful highlights from the live TCT commentary at the D’Olympics as well as all the usuals including the next amazing episode of The Journey of the Called (more)!

It’s been a heavy job for our producer Steve, and when last he was seen he was glued to his chair, to frightened to do another cast! But he would like to thank, in particular, Zam’s huge effort which made much of this episode possible.

Podcast 2: The Second Cast

Podcast2 is here, and all in one fast feed or download after all. So get your download today, or look in your itunes or ipodder subscription to find podcast2. It is chock full of content and fun.

Reverend Vader from the Myst Worlds Forum. The Producer’s Cut Interview talks directly to the issue of the past, current and future Myst and URU. It is an insider’s look and its bound to leave you thinking about what you can do for UU.

Deg’s special feature column on Mysterium 2004 and 2005. Deg is a dedicated Myst and URUite and he shed some light on what it is like to go “mysterium.”

King’s Poetry Slam with Music by D’Lanor and LCC, edited by Gav, and poems from the classroom podium recited by the cast of Journey of the Called. It doesn’t get any better than this. Credit given to the original poet historians for this wonderful and inspiring work.

Mateus encores with Dance Floor, the song now “linked” forever to JW’s Lake Water Boogie.

The Journey of the Called Serial, Episode 2, with actors Tyion, Mowog, Moiety Jean and Zam. This is one ‘on the edge of your seat adventure’ story. Get your popcorn and settle in for this one.

News and Weather with Ly’ssa, Drakmyth and Old Man, who brings us a special report in the most harrowing of circumstances, a windy day at the edge of bull dozed Riven’s Narrows.

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Podcast 1: The Full Cast

The Cavern Communications Networks present the first ever episode of The Cavern Today. A radio show and podcast produced by explorers from around the world and across the shards for your enjoyment.

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