New Project: Over the Fence

Shorah, explorers.

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a lot of action from our front, it’s mostly because the crew behind TCT has been committing themselves to a new podcasting project called Over the Fence.

Over the Fence is a new podcast named and designed after the short-lived TCT miniseries called The Cavern Today: Over the Fence, and covers topics in the gaming, entertainment, and technology world, with a focus on the mindset of an adventure gamer.

If you like The Cavern Today, you’re sure to like this production as well, so come check us out at our new website:!

Original Podcast 1: The Full Cast Remastered

Pod1_Remastered_2For your listening pleasure, TCT is proud to present a remastered edition of The Cavern Today’s first podcast, described as: “a radio show and podcast produced by explorers from around the world and across the shards for your enjoyment.”

Featured in the Podcast:

  • News & Discussion
  • “Shoot Me,” a song by Mateus
  • “Journey of the Called,” Episode 1
  • And much more!

Note that while we have tried to clean up the audio to the best of our ability, much of the audio in this podcast is garbled due to bad audio from the source mics and compression beyond our ability to clean. However, we have tried to reduce clipping and have generally cleaned up sound wherever possible.

Background music by LiquorCooChee (LCC).


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The Cavern Today 8: Rewarding the Player

  • TCT Talk:
    • MOULagain- one year later.
    • The hacker hoods and the related story
    • iRiven was recently released for iPhone.
    • Myst in the Smithsonian Institution’s American Art Museum’s “The Art of Video Games” exhibit.
    • All about Revelation: What worked, what didn’t . . .
  • “Kuusisto” – Musical piece by Maurus
  • Mowog Thought

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